Feeling sore from lugging heavy bags of potting soil home? Changing out your potting medium getting tedious? Tired of tracking dirt all over your home? Infini-Mix® is here to help.

Infini-Mix® is a clean, lightweight, safe and fun growing media for all your plant needs. Assembled from polystyrene, rock wool and perlite, Infini-Mix works by retaining moisture while allowing for fast drainage. Even the fussiest plants can grow heartily in Infini-Mix. Simply moisten the media lightly before use and plant anything you grow in Infini-Mix. Culture as needed and enjoy fret-free growth of anything you plant.

Never worry about discarding Infini-Mix, because the media will never decompose! When it’s time for a new pot, simply transplant your plant with the used Infini-Mix into a bigger pot and add more Infini-Mix. Infini-Mix is clean, so if you happen to spill any, simply grab a dustpan and sweep it up.

Transplanting into Infini-Mix
• Thoroughly water 2-3 days before transplant
• Remove as much original medium as possible
• Moisten the Infini-Mix with a moderate sprinkling of water one day prior to potting

Planting in Infini-Mix:
• Choose an appropriate size pot
• Pot firmly about ½” – ¾” below the rim
• Work the medium with your fingers in between the roots
– Make sure you have no big air pockets
• Keep the plant warm, shaded and give no water for 2-3 weeks
– This promotes plants to acclimatize and break new roots while maintaining old roots

Watering in Infini-Mix:
• After 2-3 weeks have passed, water lightly with fertilizer once a week for the next four weeks.
• After those four weeks, give proper light, temperature, water and fertilizer as needed
• Things to consider:
– When in doubt, do not water. It’s better to go a few days extra without watering than to water too soon.
– When the plant is fully rooted (4-6 months), you can water and fertilize a little more.

Upgrading in Infini-Mix:
• When the plant outgrows its container, unpot and leave all Infini-Mix attached
• Place plant plug into a larger, appropiately-sized container
• Add additional Infini-Mix and keep growing as usual

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