About A&P Orchids

We are innovators of new growing techniques and perfectionist plantsmen. Hybridizing remains a keen interest of ours, with intent to create new hybrids and select superior species plant material. We also intend to breed other interesting hybrids of other species from different growers around the world. On top of growing the region’s best orchids, we have developed user-friendly potting mixes to facilitate the transition of caring for our plants from our nursery to your home. We also intend to build customer confidence in orchid growing success, make the job for growing orchids inside one’s home without a greenhouse easier, and offer them a wide variety of orchids to suit as many tastes and needs as possible.


For three decades, A&P Orchids has grown some of New England’s most exotic Phalaenopsis and specialty Paphiopedilums. In 1985, A&P Orchids acquired the Mt. Madonna Orchids collection from Bob Jones. Since then, our collection has grown to an acre of a variety of orchids. After years of hybridizing, growing, flowering, and selecting plant material, we experienced our share of “growing” pains and came out all the wiser. Our growing is now innovative, and we dare say we have assembled one of the best and all inclusive Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum collections. Receiving hundreds of AOS awards in the past decade, we have flowered over a quarter of a million seedlings of our exclusive hybrids. Many of our parent plants are unique to us and we try very hard to use them wisely.